The Top 5 Best Free Blogging Websites in 2021

Technology Sep 21, 2021

Blogging is an excellent opportunity to start writing in English or to document a journey or even sell a product. There are so many free blogging websites the new bloggers need to navigate. The following list is a basic rundown of the most popular free blogging websites. When starting a blog there are a few things that new writers need to consider. These are things like how user-friendly the site is, do you need to be tech-savvy, is the site easily customizable and aesthetic? How easy is it to generate traffic to my blog or is the host site SEO friendly? The following list helps break these down for you.

WordPress is an incredible platform for new bloggers. Since it started in 2003, it has become a very popular site builder and it is 100% free. It is constantly evolving and you can use the site for any purpose with no censorship. This site is very flexible for users as it is a great place to host a writing blog, run a small business or an online store and sell online courses. The interface is user-friendly and there are thousands of WordPress themes to customize the aesthetic appeal of your blog and it allows users to add a wide variety of plugins. A great thing about this site is that you absolutely do not need to know how to code. This site is used by many Native English teachers to connect with students and post grammar.

Tumblr is a great platform if bloggers don’t want the unnecessary fuss. It is straightforward and great for users who are less tech-savvy. This site is particularly good for bloggers who post more visual content, like graphic designers, illustrators and photographers. The site is free but you as with most blog host sites usage is free but you will have to pay for domain registration. It also allows for users to link their blog to their other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Watch the following video to set up a Tumblr blog: 

Live Journal has a very easy posting format that is easy to customize. It also includes straightforward privacy settings so you can set your blog up to be available to a wider audience, friends and family or just for yourself. This is an excellent hosting platform for bloggers who want to build community as you can network and easily make online friends. It also has great SEO features as it allows tagging of products. It is a free site but it will be hard not to spend money on some of the customizations available unless the user has a bit of HTML experience. This is an excellent site for small business owners.

This free blog maker is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, however it is best used for text-heavy posts and not great for illustrations and designs. Its 100% focus on traditional blogging allows users to very easily write personal blogs like travel blogs or niche blogs on topics like parenting, health, lifestyle and home décor. This site is totally ad-free unless you opt-in for ads which is great as they can be annoying if you wish to create a more personal feel to your blog. This site is linked to your Google account. Its minimal interface and the fact that it is user friendly makes it an ideal site for those who are new to blogging and it is SEO friendliness is just the cherry on the cake.

Blogarama has mixed reviews. Some say it is inconsistent in generating page views and the bot traffic hurts your bounce rate and ratings. The free version of this website is useful if users want to use it as a backlink or as a personal blog to connect with friends and family or to simply share experiences.

This article has given new bloggers a better idea of the top five options and their pros and cons. The art of blogging does not have to be rocket science. Blogs are also very personalized so users need to find a content managing system that works for them, with a support site that has the level of support or e-commerce features to suit their needs.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!

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