"Enroll in the English Class” or “Enroll the English Class”?

Learning Jan 24, 2024

Learning to speak perfect English can be tricky, especially when you are unsure when to use “in” or “the” in a sentence. No need to worry, we are here to help you. 

Keep reading and find out the difference, how to correctly use which word, and which sentence is correct.

How do you use the word “in”? 

When you want to indicate your position, being a part of or participating in something, you use the word “in”.

For example:

  • I went swimming in the pool.
  • I was in the classroom when you left.
  • He has family in New Mexico.
  • I want to be in your club.

How to use “the” correctly?

In English, the word “the” is a definite article. The definite article is placed before the noun to help make the identity of the noun known. 

The definite article, “the”, is used to mention or continue speaking about something that has been mentioned in the conversation.

Here are 7 rules to help you remember how and when to use “the” correctly:

  1. When you want to refer to places, “the” is only used when a country or continent is made up of different parts. For example: I am going to the Bahamas for Christmas.
  2. If you want to talk about eating in general, then you do not use the definite article, however, when you are eating a specific meal, it is acceptable to use “the”. For example: I enjoyed the lunch or I did not like the dinner.
  3. When someone is lost and comes up to you and asks for directions, you will use “the” to give them directions. For example: You will take the first left up ahead, and when you see the yellow building, take the second right.
  4. When talking about any ocean, sea, river or canal, you use the definite article “the”. For example: The Atlantic Ocean has warmer waters; The Red Sea has very salty water, etc.
  5. We live in a world where there are many unique objects. When referring to one of these one-of-a-kind objects you put “the” in front. For example: I am going to visit the Taj Mahal this summer.
  6. There are many uncountable nouns in English. When referring to plural nouns that do not have an “s”, the definite article is used. For example: I do not like the honey.
  7. Instead of naming every person in a group or family setting, you group the members by adding “the”. For example: The Smiths are coming for dinner next weekend Or I like spending time with the Jones family.

Now that we know what the differences are between “in” and “the”, let us have a closer look and see which sentence is correct:

I want to enroll in the English course” or “I want to enroll the English Course”?

When you want to start learning a language you will tell your friend that you want to enroll yourself in the following course. 

We now know that “in” is used to indicate your position, being a part of or participating in something. 

Whereas “the” is used before a noun to identify something specific. Thus, looking at the two similar sentences it is clear that the first one is correct.

I know learning a new language can be challenging, but knowing how and when to use the right words will present you with many new opportunities. 

If you are wondering if you should “enroll in a English course”, then the answer is simple – Yes!

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