10 Reasons to Start Learning a New Language

Learning Mar 20, 2021

Learning a language is hard- there’s no doubt about it. From the thousand-and-one ways to say ‘the’ to memorizing the gender of every object under the sun, it can get a little tiring. You may even want to give up.

But don’t get the language-learning blues! Here are a couple of advantages to learning a language that will help you keep yourself motivated.

Knowledge Increases Exponentially

In the beginning of their language learning careers, most people will get frustrated at looking up every. Single. Word. But once you learn your functional words- things like prepositions and pronouns- you’ll start understanding more and more. It may get a bit even disorienting!

It Can Help With Your Career

While not every workplace has a use for speakers of other languages, being bilingual or multilingual always puts you a step ahead. In an interconnected world, most workplaces will eventually find some need for a bilingual professional. Your new language will give you a foot in the door anywhere you go.

Not to mention, having learned a new language shows determination. This is a personal quality that will fit into almost any workplace- from professional to non-professional settings.

It’s Impressive

If you needed a better reason to learn a new language than how useful it may be- look no further. Busting out with fluent Italian non the fly gives you an element of mystery and aptitude that’s sure to catch some ears- and eyes. Socially, professionally, and otherwise- speaking another language always impresses.

It Can Expand Your Worldview

Learning a new language is like visiting a new place from the comfort of your home. It brings you closer to native media from foreign and exciting locations where ideas that you may not have been exposed to before thrive.

It’s Good Exercise for Your Brain

No matter how quick you learn, learning a language is a great way to exercise your brain. As they say- use it or lose it.

It Can Open Up New Worlds

Traveling becomes that much less intimidating when you speak the native language. Speaking a foreign language will help you in another country, where there are entire worlds to discover and explore and intricate, complicated people to meet. Speaking their language is the first step to getting to know them and their beautiful home countries- from France to Japan.

There’s Lots of Good TV in Foreign Languages

Looking for a new TV show but can’t find one? It may be because you don’t have the language skills to get into the really great ones. Learning a new language can give you an unexpected gift- new shows to binge.

You Can Become a Polyglot

Once you learn your first language, other languages will come easier. In due time, you may find yourself addicted to the process- learning 3 or 4 languages happily.

It’s Something to Do

When you’re bored- why not learn some verbs?

It Builds Character

Trying, trying, and trying again just to memorize the word for ‘dog’ will seriously benefit you in terms of commitment and determination.

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