5 Best Netflix Series to Learn English 2021

Lifestyle Mar 02, 2021

If you are trying to learn English, you know it is a challenging task. But did you know you can make the process easier on yourself simply by just to watch Netflix series? And you’ll probably have fun in the process!

You may be wondering what shows on Netflix are the best ones to watch if you are trying to learn English. There are shows which are more difficult than others to understand like Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, How I met your mother and etc. but we chose top 5 for English language learners and there is also option to watch tv series with English subtitles that can help you a lot. Please watch the trailers to understand which one is suitable for your English level.

The Crown

For those of you looking to learn English so you can move to the UK, The Crown is the perfect TV show for you. The language in this TV show takes an intermediate level of understanding to follow as it does include some more formal uses of the English language. Besides just English, you will be learning lots of historical facts about the life of the Queen Elizabeth II . But be aware, if you are looking to learn English to go to America, this probably isn’t the best show for you to learn from.

The Great British Bake-Off

If The Crown is a little bit beyond your English capabilities, consider starting with a show such as The Great British Bake-Off instead. This tv series doesn’t require much previous knowledge of the language, and you’ll pick up on food-related words and phrases very quickly. This show, while more informal than The Crown, is another show which showcases British English, so not recommended for learning the American dialect.

Grey’s Anatomy

When you embark on your language learning journey, you also need to consider why you want to learn the language. If you are learning English to land a job in the medical profession, then the show Grey’s Anatomy is for you. This show is of an intermediate to advanced level and features American English with lots of medical terms which won’t matter for the conversational learner. Also, not that this show can be very intense and isn’t lighthearted like the previous two shows on the list.

House Of Cards

If you are more interested in American politics than going into the medical profession, then it’s probably better for you to start watching House Of Cards. Not only will you learn about the American political system, but this show is in American English and is fairly easy to understand for even the beginning learners.

Arrested Development

For those looking for a show which is more comedic in which to learn more conversational English, start watching Arrested Development which is a hilarious comedy about a man with many familial issues. This show is a fairly easy watch even for beginning learners and you’ll probably learn some slang which you won’t learn in the other shows. This show is in American English.


Although learning a language can be difficult, make the learning process fun by incorporating English into your everyday life! And this doesn’t have to be difficult, simply start by watching one of these TV shows on Netflix to start building your vocabulary. Just be sure to pick a TV show which is at your level and headed in the direction of where you want to use your English most.

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