The Best Cities in The World to Learn English in 2021

Learning Jun 27, 2021

Would you like to learn English with native speakers in an International city? But you are not in the mood to visit the UK and its notoriously bad weather. Would you like learn to speak English fluently and enjoy the adventure and the outdoors at the same-time? Then take a look at these cities where you can enjoy the benefits of world class ESL schools and have the adventures of a life-time:

5. San Francisco, USA

Although it is last it is not at all the least: In the glamorous and sunny California, San Francisco is a vibrant and bustling city in the thick of new developments in Art and Culture. Making it one of the ideal places in the USA to learn English. If you have watched any American series and movies or Youtube Channels to learn English you will recognise this city by all of its iconic attractions. In this magical city one can see the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, visit and plot your way off Alcatraz Island and wander through the awe-inspiring San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The well-known ESL school to be found in the city are (1) The American Language Institute (2) The Embarcadero Centre Campus and (3) The Transworld ESL Schools.

Try to learn the ‘San Fran’ accent to sound like James Franco or Steve Jobs: 

4. Auckland, New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand is another excellent place to flex your language learning muscles. On the North Island near the major city of Auckland you can visit the iconic sets of the Lord of the Rings Movies, the village of Hobbiton is a particular fan favourite. Other exciting things to do in Auckland and surrounds is to visit the spectacular Hauraki Gulf Marine Park or to take a short walk off a long drop and participate in the Tower Jump off the Sky Towers skyscraper. Acclaimed ESL schools in Auckland are (1) The Seafield School of English, (2) The NZ Institute of Language and (3) Otago Polytechnic.

Try to sound like Riverdale’s golden boy KJ Apa with a New Zealand accent:

3. Brisbane, Australia

The Australian accent is one of the most charming accents on this planet. In the Sunny city of Brisbane Australia there are many attractions to visit and to talk about. Most of these are aimed around the beautiful natural areas around the city. One can visit the beautiful Moretown Island for snorkelling or hike through the breath-taking O’Rielly’s and Lamington National Park. For the less adventurous there are the cute and cuddly creature at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The best places to be taught English by native speakers are (1) Impact English College, (2) Navitas English College Brisbane and (3) OHC English Brisbane.

Try and learn the charming inflections of Claire Holt and The Veronicas with this tutorial in Aussie: 

2. Vancouver, Canada

To live and work in Canada is a dream come true for so many international ESL students. The city of Vancouver is the ideal place to learn English in this beautiful country. The many attractions of this international gem include the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, trips to Grouse Mountain and Seal and Whale watching in the harbour. The best places to sign up for ESL lessons in this city are the (1) International Language Academy of Canada, (2) LSI Vancouver and (3) Language Studies International. 

Try to crack jokes like the hilarious Seth Rogan and Ryan Renolds with the Canadian accent: 

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town in the sunny South Africa is truly a hidden gem. It is the most cosmopolitan city in the whole of Africa. In a country with 11 national languages, Cape Town is an ideal place to be an ESL student. The famously friendly and helpful citizens of Cape Town are very patient and tolerant of those who are not native English speakers. The city and surrounds also boast an amazing range of activities to do, from a meander down the world-famous Wine Route, the beautiful views from Table Mountain and the historical Robin Island, one can really not sit still in such a vibrant place. As language learning is prioritised in South Africa, Cape Town boasts the prestigious (1) UCT English Language Centre, (3) The Cape Town School of Language and (3) Cape Studies.

Learn the native accent of industry greats like Elon Musk and Charlize Theron with a South African Accent : 

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