Best YouTube Channels for Learning English

Learning May 25, 2021

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, both in writing and in speaking. Having a tutor can be helpful, and listening to a native speaker can push you forward months in traditional learning. But what if you don’t have a tutor or a native speaker buddy? Finding a way to accurately pronounce words that are unfamiliar used to be super difficult, until the age of YouTube.

“The University of YouTube”, while a colloquialism, is also an extremely accurate assessment of its potential. Someone can learn to reassemble an engine, cook an egg, or write a thesis, why wouldn’t we be able to use YouTube to learn a new language?

Here are a few of the best channels on YouTube you can use to learn the English language.

1. English Class 101

Currently sitting at 5.3 million subscribers on the platform, English Class 101 advertises itself as a learning community for learners of all levels. The channel banner lays out the aim of the channel, which is to “Start speaking English with Fast, Easy Lessons with Real Teachers”. The channel breaks lessons into small digestible parts while enunciating as much as possible to get the pronunciation across.

They have playlists of stories, conversations, and traditional lessons to cater to learners of all kinds.

2. Learn English with TV Series

Coming in with 3.84 million subscribers, the Learn English with Tv Series YouTube channel uses popular media and television shows to illustrate what they teach in their lessons. Using the marketed and eye catching tropes of Tv, they insert lessons to be learned while demonstrated by someone they may already know.

A great example of this is the show Friends. If someone has watched that show in their native tongue, and then listened to it through Learn English with TV series, they can then apply context clues and what they know about what was said to learn English faster.

New lessons are produced weekly, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

3. Learn English with Rebecca

Last but certainly not least, the channel Learn English with Rebecca has a whopping 2.28 million subscribers. Rebecca teaches in a more traditional way, where your studies and repetition are key. She proposes lessons in small and bite sized chunks, going as far to categorize videos in personal and professional distinctions.

Rebecca presents the information in a way that is easy to follow and understand while presenting a load of information in one lesson. Each video is about 15 minutes, meaning you can learn a little bit of English every morning in the shower!


While there are dozens of ways to learn a language, the best and easiest way is to listen to someone speak, use context clues to associate words, and then learn grammar.

YouTube channels with this as their niche provide a great and unique service free of charge to people who want to expand their knowledge and language skills.

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