How To Speak English Fluently in 30 Days

Learning Jun 09, 2021

Learning a language in 30 days will be a challenge. This will require some serious dedication but it is not an impossible challenge. The 3 keywords in an exercise like this will be repetition, immersion and fluency. Repetition is the way that most people learn things most effectively. If something is repeated it is reinforced in your memory. The following keyword is immersion, to learn English in 30 days will require a certain extent of immersion in this language’s culture and norms. Follow English Learning Channels on YouTube videos or learn English while watching Netflix series that cover topics relevant to the country or listen to podcasts on Spotify or Apple Music about it. The last keyword is fluency. This is how comfortable you are and sound when speaking English. Another key element to fluency would be grammar practice. This is usually the most boring and frustrating part of learning a new language but also the most rewarding. Knowing how to use past, present and future tense’s for example will be crucial in developing fluency.

Here are some unusual tips for learning English language in 30 days:

1. Listen to Podcasts

Use all of your wasted time to learn: For example, listen podcasts on YouTube or Spotify to improve your listening skills and build your vocabulary while washing the dishes, walking the dog or during your commute.

2. Learn English with with Netflix Series

Learning about the habits and quirks of the people who speak this language or the countries where this language is spoken will be a good way of doing this from your home. A recommendation for learning fluency would be to watch Netflix series where the English is spoken to learn the rhythm and inflexions used by native speakers. This can be done with both subtitles and without. Some good series for language are 1. The Queen 2. Sherlock 3. Friends 4. Suits 5. Teen Wolf

3. Learn English on Youtube

There are so may channels on YouTube that aim to improve English and the great benefit of these is that they are free. You can watch both long and short videos. The great thing about Youtube is that you can search for specific things you need help with or you can put on a playlist and learn as recommended. Reccomended Channels: 1. VOA Learning English 2. Jennifer ESL 3. BBC Learning English 4. Business English Pod 5. Speak English with Mr. Duncan

4. Use free or paid apps on your smartphone

There are so many free apps in the android and apple stores that encourage language learning: Duolingo, memrise, pimsleur, Tandem, Rosetta Stone, Babble, Busuu, Drops, Mondly etc.

5. Learn English while Sleeping

Keep English songs playing on your phone when you are sleeping or you can find many videos on YouTube with ‘’learn English while you sleep’’. You can also listen to free sleepy time podcasts like: 1. Learn English with Fuken 2. Sleep Learning TV 3. English TV  4. Practice Makes Fluent 5. Learn English with Calle

6. Change your language settings on electronic devices

Use the English language on your devices to improve your writing skills, Everyday chatting English on phone will help you a lot.

8. Read Story Book Every day

Choose right book for your English Level. Find a translated version of a book you loved and try to read it in the target language every single day for at least half hour. Using an old favourite will help you follow along.

9. Practice English Daily

Find a native speaker to practice with. You can take online classes with Native teachers (Right Here at Enlego) or use the interpals websites to find native speaker friends to practice with.

Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process. Everyone is a beginner at some point in time and at times you will feel silly or stupid and that is okay. This may even help to make the experience and therefore the language more memorable.

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