5 Fun Exercises to Improve Your English Writing Skills

Learning Nov 19, 2022

Being able to write properly in English is just as important as being able to properly speak in English. It is important to practice writing in English because when you practice your writing skills it helps improve your grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure

Here are 5 fun exercises you can do to help improve your English writing skills.

1.Write a review

When you write a review you are expected to give your feedback about a certain product or service in a sophisticated manner. Therefore, your grasp on the English language should be exceptional. 

What makes this exercise fun is you can wite a review about ANYTHING! Popular topics include, movies, books, restaurants, etc.

2.Write a story

Writing a story, or several stories, is a great way to improve your writing skills. You can write a creative story, whether you thought of the story on your own or if you are borrowing someone else’s idea, it doesn’t matter.

 You do not need to have a big, creative imagination to try this exercise. This exercise will force you to use your current language ability and it will also help you broaden your vocabulary. This exercise will also help you learn how to properly form sentences and paragraphs.

3.Write a diary entry

If writing a story is too intimidating for you then you can always consider writing a diary entry. It is easier to write about the things you know and the things you have personally experienced. Therefore, diary entries are very helpful when it comes to improving your English writing skills. 

By writing down everything you did that day, you slowly begin to improve your grammar and vocabulary skills. If you don not want to write a diary entry about your day, then you can write about a day you would like to have.

4.Translate a song/written passage

Many people who are learning English often use songs to help them improve their English skills. A fun exercise you can do is to choose one of your favourite songs, that is in your native language, and try to properly translate the lyrics to English

Or, if you are looking for a challenge, then you can try translating an English song to your native language. Translating paragraphs from books, magazines, and newspapers will also improve your writing skills.

5.Write a blog post

Writing blog posts are a fun way to exercise your writing skills. Firstly, you can choose to write about any topic you find interesting. Or if you feel particularly strong about something then you can write about that. 

And secondly, use whatever motivates you, to write. If you are unsure about how your English writing skills are progressing, you can consider sharing your written work with someone and have them give regular feedback. This will help improve any language mistakes you might have made. It will also help you to be able to identify errors in your written work.

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