Best English Language Courses in the United States

Learning People Aug 18, 2023

Deciding which English course will help you achieve your language goals can be challenging especially, if you don’t know which course will help you achieve your goals. Luckily, we have narrowed it down for you. There are numerous language schools in the United States that offer a variety of courses. Here are some of the most popular English language schools:

1)TALK Schools 

What makes TALK school so great is the fact that they have schools in 6 American cities! These locations are,

  • Miami
  • San Franciso
  • Atlanta
  • Aventura
  • Boston, and
  • Fort Lauderdale

TALK School has many different courses you can pick and choose from. There are English courses offered for part-time AND full-time students. You’re probably wondering what type of English courses TALK offers.

They have General English Courses, One-on-one classes, and Specialized English Courses. If you want to focus on improving your business English then TALK has got the course for you, the Business Administration Course. Here you will learn how to better understand business and the world in general.

There are even focused packages that are designed for small groups or families with special interests. These packages include:

  • Teen and Junior Package
  • Family Package
  • University Tour
  • Company Experience

Now I know what you want to ask, “How much do TALK courses cost?”. Here the link " Talk Schools Prices "

2)LSI (Language Studies International)

LSI (Language Studies International) is a wonderful school to attend if your main goal is to better your English studies. They offer courses that will help prepare you for the TOEFL exam as well as other ESL programmes.

There are 5 different language courses you can choose from:

  • General and Intensive Courses
  • Premium Courses,
  • Academic Courses,
  • University Preparation, and
  • World of Work

LSI has many schools located around the world! You can learn and improve your English in Canada, England, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. There are also language schools in France and Switzerland. Each school has a modern look and feel while being equipped with the latest technology.

LSI London Central director Mark Lane discusses the online learning platform available to LSI Students

3)Language On 

Language On School aims to inspire those who want to achieve their professional and personal English language goals by engaging in a comfortable environment. Here you will be taught the structures of the English language and how to improve your English language skills.

Language On also offers a wide variety of English courses you can take:

  • Intensive English Course,
  • Semi-Intensive English Course,
  • Business English Course,
  • Private and Corporate Classes,
  • Accent Reduction Classes,
  • Test Preparation Courses,
  • Kids and Family English Courses, and
  • English for Life Online English Courses 

Each course focuses on different parts of the English language. The Intensive English Course, for example, focuses on improving reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills in every lesson. If you want to know what these courses will cost, then you can visit their website and they will calculate your fee for free!

In conclusion, there are many more English language schools in the United States that can help you reach your English language goals. Finding the school and course that suits you best is what matters in the end!

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