5 Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview in English

Learning Sep 04, 2021

A job interview in English Language for a non-native speaker can be a very scary experience. But it does not have to be. With a little bit of interview preparation with right materials and some practice in Business English with native speakers, this can be a less nerve-wracking experience. Here are five great tips to prepare for a job interview in the English Language:

1. Let’s Practice most common interview questions and answers

The core part of a job interview is that it consists of questions asked by the prospective hiring company and these are answered by the candidate. There are common questions asked almost universally and these can be practised beforehand. For example:

- Tell us about yourself?

- Why should we hire you?

- Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a YouTube Channel that will help you find more examples of questions and answers in the English Language:

2. Research a Company before Interview

Go to the company’s website and familiarize yourself with its goals and values. Figure out what this company does apart from the position you are interviewing for. Learn or summarise their mission statement for yourself. Check if the company uses American or British English.

You must review the company’s social media pages, like their LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages that can give you an idea what they like. For Example, if you comment, “The charity event you held for the children’s foundation was amazing” that shows how you are exciting to work with them. We are sure you will have +1 point.

3.Ask Specific questions for the interviewer

These questions will vary, depending on how much information you have been given to prepare for the interview. This will also show the company that you have done your homework. If appropriate you can ask about a couple of topics. For example, how your performance will be evaluated, the quality or types of equipment you will be working with and what the first thing will be that you as a prospective employee will have to accomplish.

Be careful not to ask too many questions about salary increases and benefits like vacations and sick-leave policies or discipline procedures. This may make it look like you are only interested in the salary and benefits.

4. Express yourself confidently

When answering questions use strong keywords to express yourself. Make the goals you wish to achieve for the company and yourself clear in your questions and answers. Eliminate to use of very from your vocabulary, use intensive forms of verbs instead of very. This will make you a stronger candidate.

5. Use Body Language

Sometimes your body language is really more important than your English language skills. Try to stop yourself from fidgeting, crossing your arms or clenching your fists. Non-verbal communication skills are key to present yourself as a calm and organized person. 

Here is a YouTube video with some amazing tips on how to manage your body language:


If you can’t study these 5 tips by yourself, this would be an ideal time to buy online English course for your Job interview, as qualified native tutors are trained to help students prepare for interviews and presentations. They can help you prepare a mock interview to become familiar with the vocabulary that the interview will require. This class can be recorded, which will let you re-listen audio to yourself speak, help you improve speaking English confidently and fix any grammar mistakes.

Good Luck for your interview!

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