Is Body Language stronger than words?

Learning People Feb 20, 2023

“Is body language stronger than words?”

This is a question that gets asked quite often. Well, lucky for you, I have an answer. 

But before we can come to a conclusion, we need to take a closer look, weigh all our facts, and compare them to see if body language is in fact stronger than words.

Spoken Language 

Spoken language, or words, are what we use in our every day to communicate our wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions with other people. Spoken language is important because we need and use it to build and maintain and even grow relationships. 

We use our words to tell others what we feel and what we are thinking. Now the next question is, how strong are words? Spoken language is powerful because what you say can impact your life in either a positive or a negative way. 

Your words can influence other people, or even your own, actions. That is why you should always think before you speak.

Body Language 

When having conversations with different people about a different topic you will notice that your body behaves in a certain way. This is your body language. Body language is when you use physical movements or expressions to help communicate your spoken words. 

This usually happens instinctively without you even realizing it. Your body language is important because it helps the other person understand what you are trying to say and in what manner you are saying it. 

Body language also helps us better understand other people’s feelings and emotions. By using your body to express what you feel and mean when talking to people you make communication easier.

Something not many people know is that your body language is strong. 

Why? Because without body language your non-verbal communication would be hard to understand and interpret. It is important that you use body language when communicating. This will positively affect your communication skills as well as help improve relationships.

Which is stronger?

We have finally reached the conclusion after a careful analysis of both spoken language and body language. It is important to note that both of these have their own important role when it comes to communicating our feelings and thoughts to each other, BUT the stronger one is…BODY LANGUAGE!

Many studies have found that your body language is stronger than your words. The reason for this is that about 55% of your communication comes from your facial expressions and the body language you use.

Spoken language is important but when there is a communication barrier, and you are hurriedly trying to communicate something then your tense body language will inform the other person that what you are trying to say is very important.

Another reason why body language is stronger than words is because when a person wants to lie, they can lie with their words, but their body might have a nervous tell that could easily give them away. 

Your body usually reacts on its own. This is why many people do not realize that they have a tell when they lie. If you know how to control your body language and the way your body reacts to certain things, then you will have better control over the conversation.

Short film on body language |The Bench by Jean-François Bernier

A man is reading on a bench in a public park. A woman arrives and sits at the opposite end of the bench. The film focuses on the unspoken quirks and quibbles we experience when attracted to strangers, as seen through the eyes of our central character, a charming but awkward individual.

Original title - Le Banc / The Bench Director - Jean-François Bernier Stars - Sylvain Marcel, Edith Cayer, Daniel Monastess, Nellie Benoit, Christiane Planté, Stéphane Séguin Year - 1999

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