How much does it cost to learn English online?

Learning Sep 03, 2023

Learning a new language, no matter what language that might be is very exciting! 

Did you know that English is one of the most learned languages worldwide? English is a great language to learn, and it has many benefits.

However, it is important to note that good English teachers do not teach for free and certain factors play a role in how much your English learning courses will cost. 

Let’s have a look at some of these factors.

Online English Audio Course vs Online English Video Course

Another factor that plays a role in course prices is the type of lessons offered. Some online English classes are only offered using audio. 

This means the student cannot see the teacher but only hear them. Whereas online English courses that use audio and video cost more. Why? Because most students learn better when they can see the teacher as they are teaching. 

Being able to see the teacher and their reactions and gestures are proven to help students better understand the work and learn faster.

Materials Offered

Did you know that the materials used and offered also influence the price of the English course you decide to take? 

Well, it does! Some Online English courses do not provide the students with extra materials to help their English learning journey. These courses, of course, cost less than those that do offer materials when purchasing a course. These materials usually include helpful learning articles, videos, activities, and more!

The materials the teacher uses also have an influence on the price of the course. The reason these courses cost more is that the materials the teachers have are of good quality and are designed to help the students reach their English language goals more quickly and effectively.

Non-native English teachers vs Native English teachers

When deciding to learn English you will have the option of enrolling in English lessons offered by either a non-native English-speaking teacher or a native English-speaking teacher

Lessons offered by non-native English teachers cost much less because the teacher is teaching a language that is not their native language, whereas native English teachers are teaching in their native language. 

Native English teachers also have a better grasp of the language which means that they will easily know when you make mistakes and how to correct them.

Different Course Packages

The cost of your online English lessons will depend on what course you decide to enroll in. On average, English lessons for adults cost about $15.00 per hour, whereas lessons for children cost less. 

If you enroll in a private one-on-one English course, the price will be higher than scheduled group lessons. However, some courses allow you to purchase a few lessons upfront. These usually cost less!

Sadly, some companies do not offer a variety of lessons but luckily some do. Enlego is a wonderful company that has a variety of lesson plan options students can choose from. Enlego is a great online English learning platform where each teacher is a native English speaker who is passionate about English and teaching!

When you visit their website, you will see that students have the option of choosing how long they would like their scheduled lessons to be. Enlego has 3 different lesson plan options students can choose from, namely:

  • 20-minute lessons
  • 30-minute lessons, and
  • 50-minute lessons

What makes these lesson plans even better is that for each lesson, you can decide how many classes you would like to attend that month. 

For example, if you purchase a 30-minute lesson plan with 12 lessons then your starting price is only 129€ a month!

 If you would like to start your English learning journey but you are unsure which company you should invest in then I suggest you sign up for a free trial lesson with a teacher from Enlego to find out.

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