Best Digital Magazines for English Learners

Learning Lifestyle May 08, 2023

Reading magazines isn’t just great to help you relax. They are just as great at helping you improve your English skills

Magazines generally discuss a wide range of topics and use a variety of words and phrases. Magazines can teach you new vocabulary while also improving your grammar skills. Here are some of the best digital magazines for all English learners.

Learn Hot English Magazine 

How to learn English with Social Media on learnhot english magazine cover   This magazine is directed directly at anyone who wants to learn or improve their English skills. In this magazine, you will find essential phrases and words, as well as idioms that you can use in your next conversation. 

   Your conversation skills will also improve after you read the section on how to start a conversation. If you want to further your conversation skills then have a look at one of our articles, “The 3 WORST Ways To Start A Conversation With An American”.

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Mental Floss

Digital Magazine Mental Floss Cover

    Reading to improve your English doesn’t have to be boring. Improve your English by reading some interesting magazines such as Mental Floss

    This magazine is filled with interesting facts and trivia that is bound to make reading more fun! 

     You will find that each article is interesting and written in an enjoyable way. The language used is quite easy to understand which makes your reading that much easier.

National Geographic Kids

Penguin articles on National Geographic Kids magazine     Knowing how to speak English is a good skill to have. That is why parents are asked to encourage their children to read. 

     Reading is fun for kids, because not only is it enjoyable but their English grammar, language, and vocabulary skills will also improve. Help improve your child’s reading skills with magazines such as this.

     National Geographic Kids is a great read for young English learners. This magazine is written in such a fun way that it will get your kids excited about the world they live in.

Listen to Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids podcast online for free.

Rolling Stones

Jung Kook on Rolling Stone magazine cover     A great magazine for all you music lovers is, Rolling Stones. This magazine was designed to discuss the various music genres and any information about them. 

     Your English vocabulary, slang, pronunciation, grammar, and more will improve when reading this magazine. If you don’t enjoy reading about music, then maybe you should consider listening to it instead. 

     Listening to music is also a great way to improve your English language skills. Have a look at one of our related articles, “Improve Your English Accent with These 6 Great Songs”. Your English is bound to improve!

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TIME (and TIME For Kids)
The Mindful Revoulation title on Time Magazine

   If you like staying up to date with the current events happening in the world, then you will surely enjoy reading TIME magazine. This magazine doesn’t just contain information about the current events happening around the world, it also displays beautiful photographs

   This magazine discusses serious topics which can sometimes use intimidating words and phrases

   If reading TIME is a bit of a struggle, you can try to read TIME For Kids which also has interesting and serious content just written in an easier-to-understand way. Your English skills as well as your knowledge of current events will continue to improve.

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