Improve Your English Accent with These 6 Great Songs

Learning Lifestyle Jan 13, 2023

Ask anyone, learning a new language can sometimes be a challenge. One of the top challenges that many non-native-speaking English people face when learning English is that they have an accent when speaking.

BUT DON’T WORRY! You shouldn’t be ashamed of your accent, however, if you do want to change it then you can. There is an easy way to help fix your English accent

How? By listening to music. That’s right. When you listen to songs you get accustomed to the singers singing accents

The more English songs you listen to the better your English accent will be. 

Here are a few great songs that will help you improve your accent:

If you want to improve your British English-speaking accent then one of the best songs, and artists, to listen to is, Ed Sheeran

He is known for being one of the world’s best artists. His song, Shape of You, is a great song to listen to. 

Why? Because in this song he uses clear pronunciation when singing the lyrics. He also uses useful vocabulary that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

We all know the famous female artist, Adele. She has a clear British English accent. Her songs are ideal for beginner English learning students because most of her songs are slow, and her lyrics are very clear

Her songs even have some British English phrases that will improve your English language skills.

Many Dua Lipa fans don’t know this, but she is actually British and not American. If you listen closely to her voice when she is singing, then you will be able to notice her accent. 

Her song, New Rules, is a fun and upbeat song that can help improve your accent. This song will also help you with your pronunciation of certain slang terms often used.

Now, if you are looking to improve your American English accent then John Legend has some good songs. Love Me Now is one of many.

In this romantic song, you can clearly hear his American English accent. He has a clear voice which helps you to understand the lyrics as well as the message he is trying to convey.

One of the most famous musicians to ever live was Johnny Cash. His music genre comes in different forms. He has songs that are rock, country, blues, and even gospel.

His American English accent can clearly be heard in his songs. Learning to pronounce the American ‘r’ is said to be one of the hardest challenges when trying to perfect your American English accent. 

In this song particularly you will learn how to pronounce the American ‘r’ correctly and with ease.

This was a big hit back in 1954 when it was first released and still today many people listen to this song. This rock-n-roll singer has a clear American English accent

This song will improve your American English accent by helping you properly pronounce the short American ‘o’ sound while enjoying some good tunes.

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