How to Find a Conversation Partner in English

Learning Technology Apr 06, 2022

Learning English can be quite the difficult task, not in terms of studying the language but getting the means to study the language. There are so many different ways to study and learn English but sometimes not all options are available as online English classes can be quite expensive or being in a face-to-face class is impossible because of Covid regulations

There are thus very few options to learn English for free, but with the internet and some social skills, this is made possible. Here follows a list of different ways to get connected with others online and learn English at the same time.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram communication

English Learners Group Social Media

The above list of social media websites/applications provide countless ways to get connected with people all around the world. Each of these websites have groups relating to different things from hunting groups, movie groups and even English learning groups

You can find many groups on each of the above websites to get in touch with people that also want to learn English. In doing so, you can practice your English through interesting or entertaining conversations or group members could share with or reference you to good free online study material.

Here the some Facebook groups to join;

Learn English  BBC Learning English  VOA Learning English   Learn English—British Council  Learn English Online Community  Practice English Everyday  ESL Team  English Vocabulary  English Idioms  English Quotes  Grammar Girl  Grammarly  English as a Second Language 


find partner to practice english

Tinder is known as the world’s largest dating application, but its uses go beyond finding love and pleasure, in the sense that it can connect you with people from all over the world. Once you have “matched” with someone, you can then converse with that person in English to the best of your capabilities. Doing this continuously will improve your English skills in both speaking and writing because practice makes perfect.

Free Language exchange websites

Free Language exchange websites can connect you with people all over the world where you have one common goal. To learn to speak and learn a language. 

Conversation Exchange makes it really easy to find someone to help you learn a language. You can look specifically for a pen pal that you can practice reading and writing with, a partner that is willing to talk with you over voice or video chat, and/or for someone you can physically meet up with. 

You would then have to find someone who is active and willing to participate. Once you've found someone on Conversation Exchange that fits your requirements, you can add them as a contact and send them a private message to get all the details sorted out about how you’ll communicate.

HelloTalk Tandem  Bilingua MyLanguageExchange Speaky Meetup  Reddit

Finding a Pen pal

find penpal friends to improve english

A Pen pal is someone that you can keep in correspondence with regarding what your interest is. Some prefer to be pen pals and discuss books or movies while others choose to talk about art, but there is also the option to have a pen pal to learn the English language through constant online interaction

With a pen pal, you are connected with someone by means of text only, so if you and your pen pal both want to learn English, you would do so through writing but to practice speaking you would have to do on your own or find another alternative.

InterPals Penpaland Penpal World Global Penfriends 

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