5 Best Apps to Learn English

Learning Aug 21, 2021

Everyone carries a phone around with them, why not use it as a gateway to online English courses taught with native English speakers? There are so many free apps and other media which one can use to learn English with both IOS and Android operating systems. 

Learning English with apps means that an anyone can learn the English language at any time and any place. Here are the five top-rated free English apps.


duolingo This app has been a global success as it is a free English Learning app that works on both IOS and Android systems. It does offer a Duolingo Plus function that is paid but it does remove adverts which makes things more seamless. 

Furthermore, it can be used to learn a wide variety of languages from the traditional Arabic and French to the fictional languages Klingon and High Valerian. This app promises that its users will progress quickly, their personalized learning will help students stay motivated through fun and engaging English exercises.


memrise Memrise is a great free English learning app that provides a smaller variety of languages but does boast impressive features. The content has been created and approved by native English speakers, this includes vocabulary practice like phrases with collocations and videos of scenarios acted out by native English speakers. A special feature of this app is that it allows its users to learn and memorise English faster through the use of their special memory and learning techniques.



Busuu boasts that it can help students learn a language with as little practice as ten minutes a day. It was voted by App of the year in 2020 by Apple and given a special award for innovation by the British Council. It is available on both IOS and Android devices. 

This app is a great English learning tool with its special speech recognition tool and its exceptionally well-made digital flashcards. A major benefit of this app is that it offers students the ability to continue with their English Courses offline, so their classes can be used anywhere and at any time.

4.Hello Talk 

hellotalk Hello Talk is a unique blend of language learning app and social media platform. This app connects learners with native English speakers from across the globe and allows them to exchange language learning in an unconventional way. 

This feature allows students to join groups or to speak to native teachers. It has been likened to a platform that combines Skype and Whatsapp. This is the ideal place to learn English with this app as on top of the native speakers, it also provides translators and dictionaries.



Babbel prides itself on being designed by experts. The free app gives students access to up to 40 free English classes. It also uses methods designed to help students retain the vocabulary and English grammar as best as possible. Their offline classes also prove to be very functional.


online english courses with native speakers        

Free apps have their benefits but nothing can really replace well designed paid online English courses. Learning English with apps is useful for learning a few quick phrases and vocabulary items for travel but to really learn a language as complex as English, a native English teacher is irreplaceable in terms of really immersing yourself in an Online English course. 

Enlego offers high quality Online English Courses with native English Teachers. You can also take a free trial class before you buy a course package.

Enjoy the journey in the pursuit of your goal.

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