Best Online Games that help your kids learn English

Learning Sep 17, 2021

The list below is full of places to play exciting ESL games. There are activities for practising English grammar, sentences, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. By playing these fun educational games, students learn English grammar, pronunciation and phonics. Some of these games have been built by experts to help children improve their English pronunciation and reading skills. These games are educational but also lots of fun.

1. British Council

The British council is as always is an excellent place to find English language resources. They have a spectacular array of games to play. However, WordShake and SushiSpell must receive special mentions. Although these are easy games for kids, they kept the writer very entertained. Both are word-building games that are played against time. They are guaranteed to keep kids and adults entertained for hours.

2. Eslgamesplus

This website offers a range of interactive online games for learning English. This site differs from the rest as it is also geared towards interacting with older children and teenagers (1st – 8th grade). The games this site offers include Hangman, Jeopardy, concentration games and word recognition games. These games are available on iOS and Android devices.

3. Lingokids

This android app is suitable for children up to the age of 8 and it has both a paid and a free version. It has 127k reviews and parents and children love it. It has been certified by Oxford University Press and was developed by experts in early childhood learning. Its content covers a large range of topics like shapes, numbers, colours and animals. They also provide songs, printable worksheets and the ability to play the game offline.

4. ESL Games World

There are so many games to choose from on this website. From animated videos, to tests and games, there is almost too much to choose from. This site is useful one for ESL Teachers and parent’s adjusting to teaching at home and online learning. On one hand there are mazes, memory games, sequencing exercises, word-puzzles and picture quizzes that children can play by themselves. On the other hand, there are free interactive classroom games, grammar games and printable board games to play with your children.

5. Mes Games

This is a free website that provides games for English learners and teacher resources. There are a variety of resources to improve your reading and vocabulary. The site plays host to a whole bunch of fun games and activities, like grammar games, and question and answer games. The games are also ordered according to themes like present simple, prepositions of place, body parts and colours.

6. ESL Kids Games

This is an excellent place to find grammar, vocabulary and speaking games that children can play with teachers on skype or by themselves. They have a large variety of games. For example, MIXUP, Word Wheel, Name 5!, 2 pictures 1 compound, ESL Scattergories and Scattagories for Kids. These games encourage children to think fast in English and this in turn builds confidence in their improved speaking ability.

Enjoy playing these online games. However, if parents would like a more structured learning environment for engaging their children in learning English. Take a look at Enlego’s Kid’s course. Our Kid's Course is designed to help your child improve their English, think independently and work collaboratively. Our fun, communicative interactive classes and teachers will increase your child’s confidence and fluency in using English both inside and outside the class and help them do even better in school.

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