BBC Learning English Review

Learning Technology Apr 10, 2023

BBC Learning English’s goal is to teach people the English language. Through the use of a BBC website, they provide free activities as well as helpful resources for students AND teachers. 

They have many different methods available to help you learn or improve your English. Let’s have a look at some of these methods, shall we…


Podcasts are known as a great tool for learning English because it helps broaden your vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

BBC Learning English has interesting podcasts that are no longer than 10 minutes each. Each podcast discusses a different topic that helps broaden your understanding of the English language. 

Short stories 

BBC Learning English also has English lessons specifically designed for children! On their website, they have plenty of short story videos. 

You can even download the transcript for the story and then practice using the new language

These videos are designed for children with an English level of lower-intermediate. 

Each video tells a simple and easy-to-understand story that will test their listening skills as well as their ability to understand what they hear.

Download The Transcript


Another useful method BBC Learning English uses is sessions with activities. When you visit their website you will see that they have a variety of units, each with a different session and activity.

Each activity is based on the content of that specific section and lesson. At the end of the session, students must answer a few questions to ensure they understand what they have learned.

Teaching tips for teachers 

English learners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from BBC Learning English. Teachers can also visit their website to find useful tips to use in their classrooms. 

When visiting their website you will notice that they have many different teaching tips for you to choose from. Each tip has a video and an activity as well as important information you can use next time you teach.

Practicing speaking

BBC Learning English knows that pronunciation is a very important part when it comes to learning and improving your English. BBC has a section dedicated solely to helping students improve their speaking skills. 

The English We Speak has a bunch of intermediate-level videos, podcasts, and tips to help teach you some of the latest English words and phrases. 

These words and phrases are easy enough that you can practice using them in your everyday life.


A lot of people tend to neglect their grammar skills when learning English and the reason for this is that most people speak English more than they write it. 

Therefore, people do not always see the benefit of correct grammar. BBC Learning English offers plenty of grammar-related lessons and tips. 

You even have the option of choosing the level of difficulty when it comes to learning and improving your grammar

These grammar activities and lessons will help boost your language skills. You will also learn important grammar rules. Worksheets are also available to further test your skills.

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