The best cartoons for learning English

Learning Lifestyle Mar 20, 2023

Ah, cartoons. Who doesn’t enjoy watching some fun cartoons? Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they are also beneficial if you are learning English. Cartoons have many benefits for English learners. Let’s have a look at some of the best cartoons to help English learners.

   Adventure Time 

This is a fun cartoon to watch if you enjoy energetic characters who live in a magic land where they also go on adventures. This cartoon teaches the importance of friendship by using casual and natural dialogue

The vocabulary is very straightforward and easy to understand. However, I must warn you that some of the words used in the show are completely made up, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to watch or beneficial for your English skills.

   Regular Show

This is another children’s cartoon that is supposed to be an adult show. That’s good news for older English learners who don’t want to be bored with childish stories

The plot of this cartoon is very straightforward as are the language and phrases they use. This show also has plenty of humour, so you won’t get bored.

   Phineas and Ferb

This cartoon has some great words and phrases that are used more than once in the same episode, which will make remembering them that much easier! 

Each episode is filled with fun and easy vocabulary words that you can use daily. There are even times when the show introduces vocabulary words that aren’t used often. 

This cartoon also follows the same structure for each episode so you can watch any episode and not be lost.

   Avatar: The Last Airbender

This cartoon is loved by both children and adults worldwide. Why? Because the story is very interesting, and fun to watch, and there are some very funny parts. 

This cartoon is filled with conversation that will help improve your English conversation skills. The new words and phrases you learn from this cartoon will be easy to use in real life.

   Dexter’s Laboratory

This is another cartoon that I promise you will enjoy. The boy genius, Dexter, invents all kinds of inventions that his sister, Dee Dee, usually destroys.

This fun cartoon will definitely improve your vocabulary skills. The main character uses big vocabulary words, but that is only because he is a genius. Don’t let these big words scare you. Instead, try to remember the words and what they mean so that you can possibly use them in a conversation.

   Martha Speaks

If you love dogs, then you will love this cartoon. This cartoon is perfect for people who are English beginners. This cartoon will help improve your vocabulary by teaching you new words

What makes this cartoon even better is that before and after each episode the new vocabulary words are explained. During the episode, these new words will be repeated to help you memorize them. 

This cartoon won’t make you feel stupid just because it is meant for children. The content is fun to watch while simultaneously boosting your English skills.

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