BTS funniest moments in English

Learning Lifestyle Feb 27, 2023

It is no secret that the Korean boyband, BTS, is a big hit worldwide. Because they travel so often it is only natural that the seven members picked up some English tips. All seven members can understand English but not all of them can speak it too well. 

Let’s have a look at some of their funniest moments in English.

If you enjoy watching celebrities sing along to their own songs while also answering personal questions, then you will love the series Carpool Karaoke with host, James Corden. In one of the episodes the very popular boyband, BTS, appears on the show.

There are many funny moments in this video where the members speak English. 

At the beginning of the video, there is a particular moment when Jin, one of the members says, “Yeah I’m WWH Worldwide Handsome, you know?” His sentence does make sense, but he is not using the correct grammar.

What he should have said is, “Did you know that I am known as WWH Worldwide Handsome?”

He makes another English-speaking mistake after James made a humorous comment about what Jin said, Jin replies by laughing and saying, “You are joker guy.” What he was supposed to say is “You are a funny guy”, or “You are a joker”.

BTS was also invited to appear as guests on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, Jimmy asks the members if they have any highlights about New York. J-Hope, replies, “I love Soho. I want to go there for shopping.” I have no doubt that many of us would also love to go shopping in Soho, New York!

Near the end of the video, Jimmy asks the members what they would like to achieve next in their careers. Suga comments and says, “Go to Grammy” is what they hope to achieve next.

Both J-Hope and Suga’s replies to Jimmy’s questions were correct, but let’s have a look at how to fix J-Hope and Suga’s grammar in their replies to Jimmy. What J-Hope should have said is, “I love Soho. I would love/like to go shop there.” And Suga’s reply should have been, “Be nominated for a grammy.”

A popular trend among celebrities and famous singers is to read and answer some of the most searched questions about themselves. Many fans were thrilled when the video of BTS answering some of the internet’s most searched questions about them was released.

In this video, they all give great, enthusiastic answers to unknown questions. At the beginning of the video one of the questions read “Can BTS come to my birthday party?” The members joyfully laughed at the questions and Jin replies “Oh, sorry, sorry, we are so busy”. His answer to the question is not wrong, but it can definitely be phrased better. Another way Jin could have answered was by saying, “Unfortunately not. We are very/too busy.”

A great video where the members of BTS show off their English-speaking skills is when they re-appeared as guests on James Corden’s show, The Late Late Show. During their interview, James asks the members how they rest and what they do to rest. Jin takes this opportunity to answer the question by saying, “See Papa Mochi photo and watch Papa Mochi video and hear Papa Mochi voice.”

Later in the interview, they are asked if they ever still get nervous about performing. Most of the members turn to Jung Kook and ask “How you feel?” The interview continues with James asking certain members questions. Most of them do not speak conversational English and therefore most of them replied in their native language. However, Jimin does answer one of James’ questions in English! He answers, “Just running or climbing stairs” after he was asked if he has been “hitting the gym”.

Let’s have a look at the correct phrasing for these questions based on their answers. When Jin answers the question about how the members of the band rest, what he should have said was, “We look at Papa Mochi’s photo, watch his videos, and listen to his voice.” A while later the members all turned to Jung Kook and what they should have asked was, “How do you feel?” And lastly, what Jimin should have said is, “I do some running and climbing stairs exercises.”

I know a lot of BTS fans enjoyed the video where they tried to guess which member knew the rest of the members the best. In this fun video, they do not use a whole lot of the English language, but luckily there are moments when they do speak English. Near the end of the video, the other members must guess what Jung Kook’s favourite song to perform is. J-Hope raises his hand and gives an answer, but it is not correct. He then says, “Okay, so what.” What J-Hope should have said is, “Okay, so what is the answer?”. Or he could have asked, “What is the correct answer?”

Even though most of them cannot speak English like a native speaker that has never stopped them from trying to improve their English-speaking skills. Their dedication to bettering their English skill should be a motivation to anyone looking to learn English or even looking to improve their English skills!

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