Best Twitter Accounts to Learn English

Learning Nov 13, 2022

Learning English can sometimes be challenging, and that is okay. There are many different and interesting ways you which can help improve your English skills

Take Twitter for example. It is a blogging and social networking application with over 300 million users. There are numerous accounts which will be able to help you improve your English skills. 

Below is a list of the top 10 Twitter accounts where you can learn English.

1.Evil English

Evil English

Evil English helps people learn English by using funny images, idioms that are useful, and humour. The account posts new English tips almost every day! Important things to know and understand are also posted on this account to help improve your English. 

Watch the following video to find out more: 

2.English 121

English121 twitter account

If you enjoy learning English using visuals, then you’ll enjoy this account. English 121 uses creative emojis to teach English, uses sample dialogues to improve your listening and speaking skills, and they sometimes post a list of synonyms to help broaden your vocabulary skills.

3.Idiom Land

idiom land twitter

Learning English is made fun with Idiom English. They use informative video clips to make learning fun. This account is used to help people learn and understand different idioms. 

It teaches idioms by explain what the idiom means and then using pictures that portrays the literal meaning of the idiom.

4.English Study

english study

Looking to improve your English vocabulary skills? Then Funky English is the right account for you. This account teaches the English vocabulary by using quizzes. This is a smart and effective way to help students remember. Funky English also teaches slang and Britishisms. The following link will take you to a post by Funky English describing some basic scuba diving vocabulary: Scuba Vocabulary

5.Next Step English

Next Step English

Quizzes are a wonderful way to help remember something you have learned. Next Step English uses quizzes to help make learning English effective. Fun images are used to help explain different English vocabulary, word meanings, etc. Another wonderful thing about this account is the fact that they sometimes retweet other great English learning accounts.

6.Ginseng English

Ginseng English twitter

Grinseng English uses well designed English learning graphics to make learning easier and enjoyable. These graphics cover a lot of grammar and vocabulary, as well as other important skills. An example of the type of English taught by Ginseng English is future perfect tense. They explain what future perfect tense is, how to use it and provide example sentences: Future Perfect Tense

7.English Guru

English Guru Twitter

If you are someone that sometimes has a tough time understanding certain things when learning a new language, then English Guru is the right account for you. They use clear explanations to ensure students understand, and they sometimes use fun GIFs to make learning more fun. They also provide conversation prompts that can be used in your day-to-day life.

8.My Business English Coach

my business English Coach twitter

Looking to improve your business English? Well look no further. My Business English Coach is a great account. This account provides you with useful business English tips, this includes common idioms that can be used in the workplace.

9.English Radar

English radar twitter

English Radar is a great account. This account will be most beneficial for people who get bored easily because this account is chock-full of grammar and vocabulary lessons, learning slang words, and fun quizzes. You will be able to learn something new every day! The following link will take you to an example of what type of English learning materials are posted by English Radar: Business Idioms

10.Interactive English

When it comes to learning English, it is important to know how to use the words and phrases correctly. Interactive English is an account that teaches important English learning points by making videos which demonstrates these important points:

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