How To Write the Perfect Cover Letter for Online English Teacher position

People Nov 16, 2022

When applying for an Online English Teacher position it is very important that you know how to write the perfect Cover Letter

A cover letter is where you state why you would be the best candidate for the position and why you want to work for the company you’re applying to. Here are some tips to help you write the perfect cover letter:

1.Use the correct format

The first thing to know before you start writing your cover letter is that you need to know what the correct format is. When applying for an Online English Teacher position it is important to use the correct format. 

You must use the correct and appropriate language. This will help your cover letter appear more professional. Don’t use ‘silly’ fonts for your cover letter. This will appear unprofessional and childish.

2.Mention what qualifications you have

It is important to indicate what type of teaching qualifications you have. These qualifications can include the degree you have in education, if you have a TEFL/TESOL certificate, and other teaching related qualifications.

For example: 

“I am a qualified English teacher. I can give classes to all ages. I am also qualified to teach one-on-one classes.”

3.Discuss your teaching experience

The amount of teaching experience you have is crucial to mention in your cover letter, because many job positions require a certain amount of experience. You explanation doesn’t have to be too detailed. You can provide a brief outline or overview of the teaching experience you have.

For example: 

“I have worked as a tutor for 3 years, and I’ve taught at (enter school name) for 2 years. Therefore, I have a teaching experience of 5 years.”

4.Personalize your Cover Letter

When applying for an Online English Teacher position your cover letter should shine light on past experiences that help make you a strong candidate for this position. Provide some examples of how you helped students, and the previous company you were working for, achieve their goals. You can also highlight what the benefits of hiring you would be.

You can personalise your cover letter in many ways. A popular way is by ‘selling’ yourself: 

“I am a very hardworking person. I strive to always do my best and I work well under pressure.”

5.Mention what position you are applying for

When applying for any available job position it is important to mention what position you are applying for. Some companies advertise multiple Online English Teacher positions. Therefore, if you do not indicate which position you are applying for your application could be overlooked. You should also provide a reason why you are applying for this specific position. You should also motivate your reason for wanting to apply for this position. This will help the employer to better understand your goals.

If you don’t mention the position, you are applying for then your cover letter might appear less appealing to the employer:

 “I am contacting you about the open position (enter position title here). I believe I would be a good addition because I am hard working and….”

6.Don’t write more than a page

Your cover letter should not be longer than one page. Your cover letter should consist of four to six paragraphs briefly explaining your qualifications, experience, and the reason you are applying for this position. The employer needs to be able to quickly read through your cover letter.

7.Grab the employer’s attention

The first paragraph of your cover letter should grab the employer’s attention, because this will make him/her eager to read the rest. By grabbing the employer’s attention, you also improve your chance of getting the job position you are applying for.

You can improve the quality of your introductory paragraph by having a good opening line: 

“Dear (enter employer name/company name), I was very excited when I came across this job opportunity (enter job position).”

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