What are the best TikTok accounts for learning English?

Learning Technology Jan 15, 2024

Learning a new language is always rewarding. However, if you want to sound like a native speaker then you will need to practice your language skills

What if I told you, you could improve your language skills while using social media? That’s right, you can easily enhance your language skills by simply following the right accounts on TikTok

Can you learn a language with TikTok?

Many people might try to convince you that social media cannot be used to learn a language, but that is not true! 

There are many accounts on TikTok you can follow to improve various language skills, such as grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. 

So, if you are still interested in using social media as your English teacher, then we suggest having a look at these accounts:

1.    IELTS by IDP

This TikTok account is known for being a reliable source, just ask their 73K followers! 

IELTS focuses on helping you prepare for any IELTS tests you need to write. They post videos that break down complex ideas to help make it easier for anyone to understand.

Animated graphics are used to make learning easier and more fun. They discuss numerous topics that can help you improve your language skills. 

2.    English with Lucy

Many social media platforms are solely used for entertainment. Luckily some influencers strive to use social media platforms as a means to educate others. 

Lucy, from English with Lucy, is one of those people. This British teacher has dominated TikTok by becoming one of the main English language content creators. 

She currently has 2M followers and it is no secret why. Her videos focus on British English, and she covers a variety of topics, namely, idioms, grammar, vocabulary, etc. What adds to her popularity is how accessible she makes her videos. 

3.    Speak English with Mish

If you are afraid that the content of certain educational TikTok videos is not accurate then Mish from Speaking English with Mish is the account, you need to follow. 

Why? Well, because she has more than a decade's worth of teaching experience! Her content is mainly focused on enhancing your pronunciation and conversation skills.

In her videos, she discusses common mistakes non-native speakers frequently make and how to correct them. If you primarily want to enhance your speaking and listening skills, then we recommend browsing through some of her videos. 

4.    English Understood 

Yet another great account we recommend following is English Understood. This account’s focus is also on improving your conversation skills

This British teacher aims to help English students improve their speaking and listening skills, especially in preparation for their IELTS Speaking Tests

This account will teach you how to fluently speak and answer questions in a conversation, while also teaching you what alternative responses you can use when speaking to a native speaker. 

English Understood is also one of the best TikTok accounts to follow because they use a more informal approach when teaching English. 

Living in a time where social media is mainly used for our entertainment, why not also use it to better ourselves and enhance our language skills? 

TikTok is one of many social media platforms you can use to improve your language skills or even learn a new language altogether! But you will never know if you do not try. 

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