ChatGPT’s Top 3 Commands for Non-Native English Speakers

Learning Lifestyle Aug 04, 2023

ChatGPT is currently the most popular AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot being used by more than 100 million users from all around the world! 

Another amazing thing that ChatGPT has achieved is that in June 2023 the website produced information that showed more than 1.6 billion visits. Not only can ChatGPT generate quick answers, but it can also be useful for non-native English speakers

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 commands that will make writing in English easier.

Change The Way You Write

Writing has been a form of communication and expression for thousands of years. To this day we still write for communication, to express what we feel and think, and for much more reasons. 

Anyone can write words down and create sentences, but the tricky part is to delight the people reading your work by using the correct tone and flow. When writing you don’t want to sound like a robot. Instead, you want to captivate your reader with charisma.

Achieving this can be tricky but with the help of the “Rephrase” command you will soon be able to sound like a native English speaker in your written words.

What makes this “Rephrase” command so great is that it will immediately alter your vocabulary, your writing flow, and it will correct any sentences that are unclear and hard to read. You can also further enhance this command by using popular writers’ works as a guide to help improve the tone and flow.

Fix All Grammar and Spelling Mistakes 

How many times have you written and sent an email without proofreading it? Surveys have found that most people don’t re-read what they have written before sending or sharing it. This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes anyone can make when writing.

Re-reading through your work will help you to find grammar and spelling mistakes. Correcting these mistakes is crucial if you want to make a good impression and not embarrass yourself with easy-to-fix grammar and spelling mistakes.

ChatGPT has been designed to help perfect your work. ChatGPT will help you achieve your writing goals by using this one easy command, “Command Syntax”. When this command is activated, it will behave like a professional grammar and spelling corrector that will also improve your text. How great is that!

Translate Slang and Sentences

Have you ever wanted to translate something from your native language to English or maybe even to any other language? We have all been there. Luckily, there are many translation tools that can be useful in helping you change what you want to say in your native language to English. But most often some of these tools give incorrect translations.

But you won’t have to worry about that for much longer, because ChatGPT is an effective translating tool. Using this command won’t only translate what you have to say in your native language to English, but it can also interpret casual conversational language by incorporating slang words and idioms. To start using this cool tool in ChatGPT all you need to do is activate the “Translation Command”.

Now that you have learned the top 3 commands, it’s time to test them out and start writing!

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