Best Online Coding Courses for Kids: Virtual Programming Classes

Learning Technology Jan 16, 2023

Here is a fun fact most people don’t know. Children enrolled in online programming classes have a higher chance of developing good communication skills as well as improving their team-building skills.

Encouraging children to take these virtual programming classes will further develop these skills, which in turn will only benefit their future. Below are 5 of the best online courses for your kids:


Javascript Courses for Kids

JavaScript is one of the most used online programming classes. Why? Because it uses a popular and fun approach when teaching kids how to code: gaming

This coding course is perfect for anyone aged from 10 – 19. JavaScript primarily focuses on game development and coding

Students will learn various skills such as improving the complex features involved with gaming. They accompany all skill levels and even have 1-on-1 classes.

2. Roblox 

Roblox Course for Kids

Roblox is another course that uses gaming to motivate and encourage children to learn more. Roblox offers these courses to students aged 7 – 18

These students attend a summer camp where they learn how to code and improve many different skills namely, design, monetize, and more!

To sweeten the deal, even more, students have the opportunity to practice their coding fundamentals. Students will be able to create their very own game by using the skills they learn at the Roblox summer camp.

3.Minecraft with Mods

Build Minecraft Mod using JAVA - for Kids and Beginners

If your child LOVES the game Minecraft, then they will LOVE this programming course. Your child will learn many helpful and interesting skills such as how to better their Minecraft platform. 

The primary focus is to teach the children how to mod with Minecraft. What this basically involves is students will learn in-depth how the Minecraft world is made and how it works. It is important to note that this course is only available for kids aged 7 – 10.


Phyton Course for Kids

Python Coding not only teaches students how to use the Python coding system. It also focuses on the language used around this type of coding system. 

Many students learn best when applying what they have learned. Python Coding has a very hands-on approach. Students aged 10 – 16 will be taught various subjects that will help their coding future, namely user inputs, data types, iteration, and more! 

Python has an experienced team of virtual tutors who are trained at keeping children engaged in the work.

5.3D Game Design

For kids who are creative and are slightly older (aged 10 – 14), 3D Game design teaches them how to apply their creativity through designing. 

This course teaches children how to correctly use visual scripting tools. These tools will help them with their programming without any hassle. 

Students will be taught how to create and design the best game mechanics by 3D Gaming Design’s best visual tutors

Students are also taught how to properly use programming concepts such as looping, variables, and so much more. Not only will your child learn all this, but they will also learn how to do basic 3D modeling!

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