Top 5 Korean-English Translation Tools in 2024

Learning Technology Jan 18, 2024

Many people frequently travel around the world, but not all these people can fluently speak or understand the languages spoken in these specific places

Luckily, we live in a time where the digital world can be your best friend while you learn or improve your language skills

Here are the top 5 Korean-English translation tools you can easily use:

1-Naver Korean Dictionary 

The Naver Korean Dictionary is known for being the most accurate translator

When you are searching for a word or phrase to translate, Naver Dictionary does not only give you one fixed translation, but it also gives you a wide variety to help you understand the different uses.

The home page even displays daily Korean conversation tips to help make your language-learning journey easier and more enjoyable.

2-Papago Translate 

This translation tool is rated as the second best. Because this tool was created by Naverit is viewed as the “lite” version of the Naver Korean Dictionary.

These two tools might come from the same company, but they are different. The first difference is that it has a smooth and simple interface. Selecting your language and input method is made easier. 

This tool even has the option to allow you to store and save certain words and phrases you can revisit. Your history is also stored making it easier for you to go back and practice.

3-Korean English Translator

Pronunciation is one of the hardest skills to improve, especially when it is not your native language. 

This Korean-English Translator app was created by Klays-Development to help improve casual speech

This app is best for upper-beginner language learners who already have a grasp of the language and grammar rules. When using the app, you will see you can add searches to your favourites to review later, online, or offline!

4-Daum Dictionary 

Daum translation tool requires you to have some knowledge of the language before you can use it. 

Advanced language learners use this tool to further enhance and understand the language. 

What makes this translation tool different is you search words in Korean and then translate them into English. Because you are essentially searching words and phrases backwards, your Korean translation will be more accurate because you will be able to identify if the English translation is incorrect.


SayHi is a simple translation app. The primary purpose of this app is to translate your speech or conversation from English to Korean.

A great feature is that you can even ask a native Korean speaker to talk into the microphone and it will translate what they said into English!

This app also has a speech-to-text option if you want to see how the words are spelt. The only downside about this app is you cannot input what you want to translate by typing.

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